Alexander Technique for Musicians – Online Workshop

WKS 400
Alexander Technique for Musicians – Online Workshop

As of July 29, 2021, this workshop has closed. We are no longer accepting registrations.

August 2-6, 2021 / Monday-Friday, times TBA

Katie Fittipaldi, AmSAT, instructor

Looking for ways to bring more ease, clarity and poise into your practicing, performing and teaching AND your time at your computer?  This weeklong online adventure will explore the core principles of the Alexander Technique—an educational method used by musicians worldwide to enhance practice and performance, prevent injuries and pain, and to overcome performance anxiety—within a nurturing, supportive, and lively Zoom classroom! Enrollment limited to 6 students.

This workshop includes:
11 hours of Zoom class time to explore Alexander Technique
4 private lessons, tailored to your interests and needs

$450 / noncredit     WKS 400-1

“I had overnight healing of pain from flare-up of an old thumb injury and learned new techniques to keep me focused on prevention.” – 2020 participant

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