Alexander Technique + Mobile Body Alignment™ for Musicians and Music Educators – ONLINE

WKS 402
Alexander Technique + Mobile Body Alignment™ for Musicians and Music Educators – ONLINE
June 26-August 4, 2023 / six weekly synchronous sessions to be scheduled with students
Online course

Katie Fittipaldi, AmSAT & certified Level 2 Moblignment™ instructor

The Alexander Technique and Moblignment™ are both methods of self-awareness that enliven deep, ongoing postural support with fluidity and ease! The complete system of Moblignment™ points activates each sequential segment of the central nervous system starting from head to toe, assuring a whole-body activation and awareness. Enrollment limited to 6 students.

This six-session online workshop explores:

  • The core principles of the Alexander Technique and Moblignment™
  • How to pay attention with more ease and self-kindness and less judgement.
  • The Moblignment™ points and how to use them while playing and teaching to enliven awareness, ease, confidence and further possibility and discovery.

The workshop includes:

  • 7.5 hours of class time (75-minute group sessions)
  • Activities between group sessions to facilitate learning.
  • 1 Individual lesson (30-minute Individual lesson)
  • 3 BONUS 30-minute Zoom sessions with Katie where she demonstrates Mobile Body Alignment™ with Eastman School of Music students and members of her private studio.

Professional Development Hours: 10

$425 / noncredit

Eastman students needing this course for credit should consult with the Academic Affairs Office (undergraduate students) or the Graduate Studies Office (graduate students) before submitting an independent study proposal.    

“Katie Fittipaldi was incredible. She made the course a safe space for all students involved. I also enjoyed the course content and how it was focused on us and our bodies being capable to do things correctly and without tension/anxiety.” – 2022 online participant

Registration coming soon