Beethoven’s Symphonies

MHS 590
Beethoven’s Symphonies

June 30–August 6, 2020 / Tuesday, Thursday, 9:00–11:30 a.m.

Michael Ruhling

UPDATE (April 15, 2020):
In accordance with the University’s COVID-19 restrictions, this course will be taught entirely online. The course meeting time may need to be changed to accommodate students in different time zones. The instructor will contact students before the start of Summer Session to determine a meeting time that will work for everyone.

An in-depth study of the symphonies of Beethoven, branching out into his other orchestral pieces. These great works will be considered through thorough analysis, as well as historical, biographical, and reception contexts. Topics of inquiry will include aesthetic principles of the sublime and emerging Romanticism, historical and modern performance practices, primary sources, and Beethoven’s influence on the development of symphonic music in the 19th century. Students participate in class discussions of the works and topics, and develop research projects regarding the intersection of scholarship and performance, resulting in a formal presentation and paper, with the possibility of including a performance activity in the project.

$5,190 / 3 credits           CRN 20767

“Dr. Ruhling’s knowledge about the topic and related texts, movements in culture, and arts was imperative to the process.” – 2019 student

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