German Lyric Diction

WKS 411 (Cross-listed for credit as ACY 411A)
German Lyric Diction

As of June 24, 2021, this course has closed. We are no longer accepting registrations.

June 28-August 6, 2021 / Weekly synchronous classes to be scheduled with students
Online course

Christina Balsam Curren

If you have never studied German before, this course will help you to develop a sense of how the language sounds and a sense of its wonderful expressive possibilities, as well as to learn as much as possible about the individual sounds and their corresponding symbols in the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA).

If you have studied German before, I will help you to expand your appreciation for the beauty and the expressive possibilities of the language, as well as your knowledge of the IPA symbols corresponding to the sounds of the language.

This course is beneficial for anyone who works with the German language in an expressive capacity—collaborative pianists, singers, choral conductors, and instrumental conductors, as well as for anyone who wishes to improve their pronunciation of spoken German. 

Professional Development Hours: 14
$1790 / 1 credit (collegiate students and adults only)     ACY 411A-1
$399 / noncredit (high school students, collegiate students, and adults)    WKS 411-1

“Prof. Curren is extremely knowledgeable in the German language and all aspects related to it. She was able to get into the fine details of German diction, even within the short time frame.” — Spring 2020 student