Music in Medicine – ONLINE

Music in Medicine – ONLINE

June 27-August 5, 2022 / Weekly synchronous classes to be scheduled with students
Online course

Gaelen McCormick
Guest presenters TBA

The use of music as a healing force is thousands of years old, and many of us can think of instances when music brought comfort or changed our mood/energy. Music is finding a place in the modern healthcare system and there are many opportunities for artists to use their skills in the service of health in their own communities. This online course will explore the spectrum of roles that music plays in the healthcare environment, from music for self-care to the most personalized and targeted music therapy field. We will read articles, watch videos, discuss what makes this field different from teaching or performing music, and meet a variety of practitioners from the different fields of music in medicine.

Week 1
History of arts in health: Tracing the roots to ancient Greece; seeing this in indigenous cultures; contemporary neurologic study of the impact of music on health, proving what we have seen at work in the clinic.

Week 2
They aren’t here for you. You are here for them: How does playing music in the hospital differ from traditional stage performance? What impact does lobby music have?

Week 3
A visit from a friend: Wellness musicians bring the music to the patient as a social visit and to provide distraction. How does this differ from lobby music? How are these visits coordinated, and who is benefitting?

Week 4
Pain perception and anxiety: Therapeutic musicians are trained by organizations like the Music for Healing and Transition Program® and use music in clinical settings to comfort patients in distress. Their impact can often lead to less pain medication and faster recovery times. What does this role look like?

Week 5
Clinical goals for success: Music therapy is a board-certified, licensed field with rigorous field training in the healthcare environment. We will look at how music therapists, physical/occupational therapists and doctors work as a team for a patient’s success.

Week 6
Sound health: What research is happening right now at the University of Rochester and around the country shaping the future of music in medicine? How might an artist participate?

By the end of this course, participants will understand the layers of professional applications of music in medicine and will have gained the skillset to begin working in public healthcare spaces offering appropriately chosen, environmentally supportive music.

This course is designed for collegiate and adult participants; high school students will be considered if space is available. Participants of all musical backgrounds and experience levels are welcome to register; there is no performance requirement for the class. Enrollment limited to 15 students.

Professional Development Hours: 30
$399 / noncredit   

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