Music in the Nineteenth Century

MHS 425
Music in the Nineteenth Century

As of July 8, 2021, this course has closed. We are no longer accepting registrations.

June 28–August 4, 2021 / Monday, Wednesday, 2–4:30 p.m. EDT
Online course

Mary McArthur

This course will not only deal with the history of musical style in nineteenth-century Europe, it will also explore music’s cultural contexts and social meanings. Through a study of the major genres of the era (symphony, Lieder, opera, piano miniatures, etc.) we will explore how music embodied social, political, and gendered meanings in both public and private spheres. We will encounter new works (as well as ask new questions about familiar pieces) and will engage in close and careful analysis of sounds, scores, and the written word. Our primary goals are to gain a broad sense of nineteenth-century musical life and to learn how to communicate opinions and ideas about music thoughtfully, clearly, and persuasively.

$5,370 / 3 credits     MHS 425-1

“This course was extremely thoughtful, well-designed, and engaging. Curriculum was designed in a way that provided information and insights about important composers and conversations relevant to modern-day discussion while also providing accurate historical information typical of this type of curriculum.  I cannot stress enough how the effort of the instructor positively affected my experience in this course. It was a real pleasure to explore this subject in this way.” — 2020 student

Mary McArthur completed her B.M., magna cum laude, with majors in Piano Performance and in Philosophy at Furman University. Her research interests include exploring intersections between philosophy and music, particularly German instrumental music of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Mary is pursuing concurrently a Ph.D. in Musicology and an M.A. in Ethnomusicology.