Notes from Scratch: Introduction to Improvisation and Composition – ONLINE

WKS 428
Notes from Scratch: Introduction to Improvisation and Composition – ONLINE

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June 27-August 5, 2022 / Weekly synchronous sessions to be scheduled with students
Online course

Hannah Dick and Mina Esary

This course presents concepts and principles which demystify the creative process and simultaneously guide participants into improvisation and composition. Interactive sessions explore the topics of sound exploration and musical parameters, motivic development and variation, generating musical form and structure, and creation as response (musical storytelling, accompanying, & collaborative creation) with examples and real-time application of each topic to both improvisation and composition.

This online workshop includes group improvisation exercises followed by reflection and discussion, individualized feedback and coaching, and a sharing during the final session. No prior experience in improvisation or composition is necessary, though the series is suitable for those with experience. Jazz musicians are welcome, but the course will explore improvisation from the lens of classical music. 

The workshop consists of six hour-long sessions:

  1. Sound Exploration and Musical Parameters
  2. Motivic Development and Variation
  3. Generating Musical Form and Structure
  4. Creation as Response (Musical Storytelling, Accompanying, & Collaborative Creation)
  5. Composition Coaching
  6. Sharing

This course is open to high school, collegiate and adult participants; high school students should provide a letter of recommendation from a music teacher when registering. Recommendation letters can be uploaded with your application or sent in either of the following ways:

Professional Development Hours: 18
$1,820 / 1 credit     
$399 / noncredit   

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