Peak Performance Skills – ONLINE

Peak Performance Skills – ONLINE
June 27-August 5, 2022 / Weekly synchronous classes to be scheduled with students
Online course

Gaelen McCormick
Guest instructors TBA

Many performers think that their misfires on stage will go away with ever more practicing, or rituals, or just blanking out the audience. People say, “You’ll get over nerves!” But the truth is that nerves aren’t a problem and people don’t ever “get rid” of them. The top performers learn as much as they can about themselves to know their own habitual patterns of response to stress and learn how to employ healthy techniques to work with their energy and responses.

In this class, we will work through the text Performance Success by Don Greene, and support each other in developing the areas of our habits/responses that can help us each reach our optimal performance state.

This online course is open to high school, collegiate, and adult musicians. Participants may register as performers (full participation, including the final mock audition) or as auditors (auditors may observe all sessions but will not participate in the mock audition experience).

Before the workshop begins
Group social hour: In advance of the first class session, all participants will join a group social hour to meet each other, talk about past experiences with auditions, get oriented to how the course will work, and do breakouts to meet peer groups.

Week 1
“Who am I right now?: We will fill out the Artist Performance Survey and get familiar with our habitual stress responses. This week we set our baseline recording in place, a “before” snapshot.

Week 2
“What is my goal, and what brings me closer to it?”: Examining our concept of the Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal, and breaking down the steps to achieve it, right down to how this affects what you will practice tomorrow.

Week 3
”Moving from words to images”: What is “left brain” and “right brain” and how can we control where we are oriented when we perform?

Week 4
“What happens inside me to set me up for success?”: Courage, attention, focus, and self-talk all play a role in how we perceive ourselves.

Week 5
“Focus can be learned”: There are four kinds of focus, and you can learn to control where you are at any moment, and which type will be best in any given situation.

Week 6
“This is the moment”:
Mock audition with a panel of professionals from the orchestral and operatic world. Immediate feedback on your new approach to performing. All feedback from the listeners will be compiled and shared to each artist enrolled in the course.

Homework will include reading and experiential assignments. A feedback loop will be maintained throughout the workshop.

Professional Development Hours: 18
$399 / performer noncredit   
$212 / auditor   

Registration coming soon


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