The Unbroken Circle: Native American Song and Dance

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WKS 420
The Unbroken Circle: Native American Song and Dance

July 12-16, 2021 / Monday-Friday, times TBA; in-class showcase on final day
Online course

Daystar / Rosalie Jones

The songs and dances of Native North America are a rich source of original forms that serve to express the beauty and power of the natural world and our place in that realm. Here is an introduction to the melodic and rhythmic forms of a variety of tribal Nations across the Americas: Menominee, Ojibway, Cherokee, Creek and Inuit, among others. Participation will begin with learning of protocols of personal and tribal songs, singing of songs with and without western notation, tribal language vs. vocable songs, and transference of vocal songs to flute melodies. An opportunity will be given to write and sing new original songs within cultural form and context. This material will give a unique perspective into the evolution of world song and dance.

Professional Development Hours: 10
$250 / noncredit

“Native American people have volumes to speak, not only to non-Indian society, but to each other as well…I intend to continue not only as a performer, teacher, and choreographer, but also as a catalyst for inter-cultural understanding.” – Daystar / Rosalie Jones

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