The Unbroken Circle: Native American Song and Story Online Workshop

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The Unbroken Circle: Native American Song and Story Online Workshop

This workshop is now closed; we are no longer accepting registrations.

July 13-17, 2020 / Monday-Friday, afternoons EDT (times TBA)

Daystar / Rosalie Jones

The songs of Native North Americans, along with the stories of their origins and development over generations, are a rich source that expresses not only human intent but the beauty and power of the natural world. This five-day online workshop include these themes of learning and investigation: Protocols of personal and tribal songs, singing of songs with and without western notation, tribal language vs. vocable songs, regional singing styles, transference of vocal songs to flute melodies, and exploring natural inspirations for the writing and singing of original songs which will be shared on the final day. The ten hours of the workshop are divided equally between online sessions with the instructor, the reviewing of audio and/or visual song samples and written articles as assigned.

Looking ahead to summer, 2021, the instructor will offer both the song and dance component in tandem as the Native American Song and Dance Institute.

$225 / noncredit     CRN 37212

“Native American people have volumes to speak, not only to non-Indian society, but to each other as well…I intend to continue not only as a performer, teacher, and choreographer, but also as a catalyst for inter-cultural understanding.” – Daystar / Rosalie Jones

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