Theory and Analysis of Rock Music — ONLINE

TH 481 (Cross-listed for noncredit as INS 490)
Theory and Analysis of Rock Music — ONLINE

This course is no longer accepting noncredit registrations.

June 29-August 7, 2020 / online course – includes synchronous class to be scheduled with students

David Temperley

A survey of rock music (broadly defined to cover a range of late-20th and early-21st century popular styles) from a theoretical/analytical perspective. Topics include key/scale, harmony, rhythm/meter, phrase structure, timbre/instrumentation, and form. General principles will be applied in the analysis of specific songs. There will be one synchronous class meeting each week; other activities will be asynchronous. The course is open to graduate students, and to undergraduates with a strong background in music theory. Enrollment limited to 10 students.

Please note: Undergraduates and all students not matriculated at Eastman must obtain instructor permission before registering; this applies to both the noncredit and for-credit versions of the course. Contact Professor Temperley at before applying. 

$900 / noncredit     CRN 20703
$5,190 / 3 credits     CRN 20895

“I enjoyed this class VERY much! It was an unusual topic of study for ESM and I felt it the perfect way to end my DMA coursework.” – 2018 student

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