Theory and Analysis of Rock Music – ONLINE

TH 481
Theory and Analysis of Rock Music – ONLINE
June 27-August 5, 2022 / Weekly synchronous classes to be scheduled with students
Online course

David Temperley

A survey of rock music (broadly defined to cover a range of late-20th and early-21st century popular styles) from a theoretical/analytical perspective. Topics include key/scale, harmony, rhythm/meter, phrase structure, timbre/instrumentation, and form. General principles will be applied in the analysis of specific songs. There will be one synchronous class meeting each week; other activities will be asynchronous. The course is open to graduate students, and to undergraduates with a strong background in music theory. Enrollment limited to 10 students.

Please note: Undergraduates and all students not matriculated at Eastman must obtain instructor permission before registering; this applies to both the noncredit and for-credit versions of the course. Contact Professor Temperley at before applying. 

$5,460 / 3 credits     TH 481-1
$900 / noncredit    

“Prof. Temperley provides great feedback on assignments through Blackboard and email. His answers are clear, thorough, and often spark critical thinking and discussion. His passion and knowledge about the subject matter is very apparent. He treats students with respect. He also recognizes that different students are at different experience levels regarding their familiarity with rock music, and he adjusts accordingly.” — 2021 Eastman student

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