You Are Your Instrument: Embodiment and Acting for Singers

WKS 446
You Are Your Instrument: Embodiment and Acting For Singers – ONLINE

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July 6-10, 2020 / Monday-Friday (times TBA)

(Course times may need to change to accommodate students in different time zones; the instructor will contact students before the start of Summer Session to determine a meeting time that will work for everyone.)

Lindsay Warren Baker, instructor
Guest: Stephen Carr, Associate Artistic Director of Eastman Opera Theatre

This five-day acting workshop is geared towards the classical singer who wants to become a more embodied, attentive, and active performer. Students will gain a deeper understanding and awareness of their bodies as instruments and sources of creativity for character and performance. Over the course of the five days, students will apply what they learn in the daily lessons and activities to a personal character study.*  This course will benefit both younger singers who want to become more confident onstage and more experienced singers who would like to reconnect with themselves and take a deeper dive into their repertoire.

*Note: Prior to the start of the workshop, students will select a role to focus on over the week. The choice should be based on an aria or musical theater solo that is already in their repertoire and they are comfortable singing.

Enrollment is limited to 10 singers and 10 auditors. Singing participants will receive personal feedback, one-on-one sessions with the instructor, and class feedback of independent work. Auditing participants may attend all group sessions.

Workshop Overview

  • Group class and activities. At the end of the morning session, participants are given an assignment to apply to their personal character study.
  • Independent work on daily assignment (private coaching for participants enrolled in full session)
  • Group discussion of daily assignment.
  • Note: Due to the online nature of the workshop, projects will include both synchronous activities and asynchronous self-recorded assignments that the instructor and class will watch and discuss.

Day 1 — Getting to Know You: What is Embodiment?

  • Activities include a class meet and greet (course overview and discussion of personal goals) and a variety of mindfulness activities connecting the body, mind, and breath.

Day 2 — Using the Body

  • An introduction to the Viewpoints methodology. Activities include physical explorations and how to develop a character from the outside-in.

Day 3 — Using the Text

  • Learning how to activate text through analysis and psychological actions. Today we explore character from the inside out.

Day 4 — Using the Music (with guest instructor Stephen Carr)

  • Opera and musical theater are particularly heightened art forms as a result of the interconnection of music and text. What happens when we take the text away and focus on the music? Today’s activities help the singing-actor “own” the time and space of song … and silence.

Day 5 — Integrating the Instrument

  • The last day culminates in a final performance of individual character studies. The morning session will be dedicated to private lessons with the instructor. In the afternoon, we will watch and discuss each other’s performances.

Singers: $350 / noncredit    CRN 37521
Auditors: $100 / noncredit    CRN 37539

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