Come experience the music from Bali, Indonesia! The Gamelan Workshop is a five-day program for students to gain hands on training by playing our gamelan angklung – Gamelan Lila Muni (Heavenly Sound). As in Bali, students will learn through the oral/aural tradition without notation. The workshop aims to equip participants with the basic techniques of performing music, as well as to cultivate the aesthetics of a non-Western music culture. The workshop is for students currently in grades 8 and up, including adults; this is a non-residential in-person program.

High school students–pair this with the High School Wind Ensemble for a full-day program!


This one-week piano intensive program for grades 5-9 will feature piano solo and ensemble workshops, sessions on great pianists, techniques, and historic instruments, as well as daily Dalcroze musicianship classes. This is a non-residential in-person program.