Health Info

Health Coverage Requirements for Students Under Age 18
For younger students registered in residential programs, half-day programs, and institutes, family health coverage must be indicated on the Medical Authorization Form.

Health Coverage Requirements for Summer Collegiate Students
We strongly urge all students to carry private insurance.

  • If you were registered as a full-time Eastman student during the past year, the student health fee you previously paid will cover you for the summer session for similar health benefits.
  • If you are attending summer session and will be entering Eastman in the fall as a new full-time student, you are required to immediately apply for health coverage through the University Health Service. Please contact the Admissions Office for the required form and to arrange for payment.
  • If you are a Summers-Only degree student, you will not have coverage under the UHS plan.

Visiting Collegiate and Adult Students
Visiting students who will be studying at the Eastman School of Music for less than 8 weeks do not participate in the Student Health Plan. They are welcome to come to the University Health Service (UHS) for care on a fee-for-service basis.

Available Health Services
A Health RA is available at specific times in the Student Living Center during summer session at no charge. If you need to see a doctor, the University Health Service charges standard community rates if you are not covered by UHS policy. UHS coverage may be purchased by the week (rate TBA). It is highly recommended that you check your current private policy for existing coverage.