Eastman is committed to fostering a welcoming, encouraging, and empowering environment where students with disabilities can thrive in their studies. The Office of Disability Resources works with students to identify barriers and establish reasonable accommodations in order to ensure students with disabilities have equal access and equal opportunity to fully participate in the University experience. Students who would like to request accommodations, register as a student with a disability, or learn more about available resources are encouraged to submit an application on the Disability Resources website or contact the office at (585) 276-5075 or disability@rochester.edu

The Eastman School of Music’s campus includes historic buildings that may create accessibility challenges for people with mobility issues. Students requesting ADA accommodation during Summer Session should contact Lynnett Van Slyke, the University of Rochester’s Intercessor and Director of Disability Compliance. Lynnett can be reached at (585) 275-9125 or l.vanslyke@rochester.edu.