Send audition materials (if applicable) and registration documents using Summer@Eastman’s secure online dropbox at the bottom of this page. This is the fastest and most secure way to get documents to our office.

Auditioning for the Cello, Flute, Horn, Organ, Trombone, and Trumpet Institutes

Review audition requirements on your course’s web page. Follow the audition instructions to prepare your materials for review. Save all documents to your computer before attaching them to the Audition Form.

Complete and submit the online Audition Form, below. Documents and links to audition videos can be uploaded directly to this form.

2023 Summer Audition Form


How to Send Audition Videos

Review your program’s audition requirements, then copy and paste links to your audition videos into one Word document and send all the links together (please send this file as a Word document using file type .doc; files saved as file type .docx may not upload correctly). Links should be “active” so that videos can be viewed directly from your document.

Please identify each video (title/description) and make sure your files are playable/viewable before sending your audition links!

There is no charge to audition. Please do NOT send payment or complete the registration form at this time. We will notify you of audition results according to the timeline posted on the course page: some institutes review auditions as they are received, others wait to announce decisions until after the application deadline. Feel free to contact the Summer@Eastman office if you have questions about your audition.

Registering for Courses and Workshops

If your program does not require an audition, or if you have received notice of acceptance to an auditioned program and are ready to register, please sign up using the online form, below:

2023 Summer Registration Form

Supporting documents, letters of recommendation, and other files can be sent to our office using Summer@Eastman’s secure online dropbox. (If you have already sent these documents as part of your audition, you do not need to send them again, unless we have asked you for more information.) Name your files, save all documents to your computer, then follow the uploading instructions at the bottom of this page.

Additional Forms for Students Age 18 or Younger

Students who are 18 years old or younger during Summer Session 2023 are also required to sign and return additional forms before attending Summer@Eastman programs.

If you are attending an in-person program, the following forms must be completed and submitted before your first class session:

Medical Authorization Form
Permissions and Code of Conduct Form

All submissions: use the form below - make sure you've read the instructions above!


Prepare your files and save everything to your computer before sending. Please send files as PDFs or Word documents only. Use the naming guidelines above to identify each document.

Select the document to submit in one of two ways:

  1. Find your electronic copy of your completed document. Left-click and hold while dragging your documents to the area that says “Drag and drop a file to upload or browse”  OR
  2. Click the word “browse” and search your computer for the document you wish to submit. When you find it, double-click the document.

Complete the description of the document (please include the course title as part of the description) and enter a valid email address.

To submit, click “Upload.”

Questions? Email us at