Composition Classes & Lessons (Collegiate)

Composition Classes & Lessons
June 25-August 3, 2018

Michael Frazier

Days and times for classes and lessons to be arranged with instructor. Private and small-group lessons for non-composition majors arranged on a weekly basis. All students should email Dr. Sylvie Beaudette at: before registering.

CMP 221
Composition for Non-Majors I
$3,220 / 2 credits           CRN 18612

CMP 222
Composition for Non-Majors II
$3,220 / 2 credits           CRN 18629

CMP 223
Composition for Non-Majors III
$3,220 / 2 credits           CRN 18630

CMP 224
Composition for Non-Majors IV
$3,220 / 2 credits           CRN 18648

Study for matriculated students in composition:

 CMP 401
Advanced Composition I
$4,830 / 3 credits           CRN 18656

CMP 402
Advanced Composition II
$4,830 / 3 credits           CRN 18667

CMP 501
Advanced Composition III
$4,830 / 3 credits           CRN 18675

CMP 502
Advanced Composition IV
$4,830 / 3 credits           CRN 18681


Michael Frazier is a composer of acoustic, electronic, and electroacoustic music currently residing in Rochester, New York. With a focus on texture and harmony, Frazier has composed works for virtually every medium, employing a variety of compositional techniques in his pieces such as twelve-tone systems, set-based systems, algorithmic composition, and indeterminacy. His works tend to be an amalgamation of various sound worlds and increasingly have explored new soundscapes and textures. He received a Bachelor of Music degree in Composition from the University of South Florida and Master of Arts degree in Composition at the Eastman School of Music, where he is currently pursuing a PhD degree in Composition.