Special Registration for Graduate Students


ESM 995
Continuation of Graduate Enrollment

Summers-Only students in Music Education
For students who have completed their course and credit requirements and who are writing their theses or field projects.



ESM 950
Doctoral Comprehensive Examinations
June 4-5, 2024

Any doctoral students taking the doctoral comprehensive exams during the summer will need to register through Blackboard or the Registrar’s Office [(585) 274-1220]. Registration for DMA exams will be held from March 1 to May 3, 2024.

The comprehensive exams will continue to be offered during the fall and spring semesters at no charge to our students. The summer fee helps defray the increasing cost of administering the exams at a time when only a limited number of faculty members are in Rochester and teaching.

Contact: Graduate Studies Office, ESM 103, GradStudies@esm.rochester.edu



Independent Studies

Available in academic and applied areas. Faculty member/mentor must sign the proposal. Proposals, in writing, for consideration are due by May 22, 2024. Undergraduate proposals should be directed to the Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs; graduate proposals should be directed to the Associate Dean of Graduate Studies. Once proposals are approved, students must register by June 1, 2024.

$1,970 / 1 credit (1–3 credits possible)


Summer Advising for MA Students in Music Education
General program advising

For assistance in determining the suitability of courses, best sequence of courses, and general questions relating to your course of study as a Summers Only student, please contact: Dr. Alden Snell (asnell@esm.rochester.edu or 585-274-1545). Please contact Dr. Snell before enrolling in classes.


Summers-Only Students and Full Term (Fall/Spring) Students – Field Project & Thesis

MA students who are developing a field project or thesis proposal, or are actively working on or completing one, require faculty advising, and thus they must be registered for at least 1 credit of MTL 473 (Field Project) or 1 credit of MTL 495 (Thesis) with the Registrar/Summer@Eastman office. Even if an MA student has previously enrolled for a total of 4 credits of MTL 473 or a total of 8 credits of MTL 495, registration for at least 1 credit of those courses is necessary to continue with the field project or thesis. Before registering, students should confirm faculty availability with the Summers-Only adviser, Dr. Alden Snell (asnell@esm.rochester.edu or 585-274-1545).

$1,970 / 1 credit
MTL 473 Field Project    
MTL 495 Thesis