Thank you for submitting your Summer@Eastman Permission / Code of Conduct / Extended Campus Form. You can view and download the text of the forms using the links below. You may wish to save a copy of these legal agreements for your records, as these documents are binding when signed.

(Please note: Students under age 18 who are registering for ONLINE courses only do not need to submit these additional forms.)

To change a student’s extended campus permission after this form has been submitted, the parent or guardian should download the Extended Campus Form, complete it with updated information and a signature, and send the new form to our office using Summer@Eastman’s secure online dropbox. (The form may also be emailed to the Summer@Eastman office at: We will contact you to confirm the change.

Students who will be under age 18 as of June 28, 2020 are also required to complete and submit the Medical Authorization Form before attending Summer@Eastman programs. Click on the link below to access the form:

If you would like to upload supporting documents or letters of explanation regarding any of these forms, [use Summer@Eastman’s secure online dropbox here]. [either hyperlink to the uploader or add a button taking people to the dropbox]

Questions about these forms? Contact the Summer@Eastman office.