Summer blog highlights from previous years:


Summer by the Numbers: Summer at Eastman 2018
by Andrea Schuler, Summer@Eastman Program Coordinator
Our annual wrapup: numerical highlights of the season.

The Adventure Music Camp: Experiencing Music Through Performance, Education, and Creation
by Nicole Peter
Adventure Music Camp director Gaelen McCormick introduces the newest ECMS summer offering.

Sharing the Passion: Bill Tiberio Prepares Two Wind Ensembles for Upcoming Concerts
by Nicole Peter
An interview with Bill Tiberio, director of Summer@Eastman’s High School Wind Ensemble Workshop and the Music Educators Wind Ensemble.

Singing Through Your Whole Life: William Weinert Discusses Eastman Summer Sings!
by Nicole Peter
Rochester singers have been enjoying Summer Sings! for over 20 years. Eastman’s Director of Choral Activities, William Weinert, explains why the sings are still highlights of the Summer@Eastman season.

A Wonderful Week of Alexander Technique! Reflections from the 2017 Summer Intensive
by Katie Fittipaldi
An interview with students from last summer’s AT institute.

Get Your Roar On! Summer@Eastman 2018 Trumpet Retreat
by James Thompson and Mike Zonshine
A preview of this summer’s Trumpet and Trombone Retreat at Keuka.

Introducing the Eastman Organ Experience: Summer at Eastman’s High School Organ Academy 
by Caroline Robinson
An interview with Organ Academy alumni.

Students Love the Challenge: Serious Jams at Eastman Summer Jazz Studies
by Hattie Bestul
An interview with Jeff Campbell, Summer Jazz Studies Director.

From Summer Study to a Dream Realized: Reflections on Music Horizons 2015
by Katja Pennypacker
Memories of Music Horizons, from an alumna who is now an Eastman vocal performance major.

Students (and Singers) Onstage: Lindsay Baker’s New Summer Acting Institutes
by Andrea Schuler, Summer@Eastman Program Coordinator
Two new Summer@Eastman programs offer insight for singers and educators looking to expand their theatrical skill set.

Summer Harmonie at Eastman: Introducing the Summer Wind Conducting Institute
by Andrea Schuler, Summer@Eastman Program Coordinator
Mark Scatterday’s new conducting institute gives talented apprentice conductors a chance to work with (and learn from) Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra musicians.

Summer into Fall with Summer@Eastman: The Power of Connections
by Brianna J. Robinson
Summer@Eastman’s 2017-18 Operations and Marketing Assistant shares impressions from her intern experience.


Summer by the Numbers: Summer@Eastman 2017
by Andrea Schuler, Summer@Eastman Program Coordinator
Our annual “summery summary”: numerical highlghts of Summer 2017.

A Summer “Ode to Joy”
by Kameron Ghanavati
Eastman’s beloved Summer Sings! series returns to Kilbourn Hall. This year’s first selection: Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9.

Old Friends, New Collaboration: Nicholas Goluses and Ricardo Cobo Introduce the Eastman International Guitar Masterclass
by Andrea Schuler, Summer@Eastman Program Coordinator
Nicholas Goluses and Ricardo Cobo team up this summer to teach the Eastman International Guitar Masterclass, a new one-week institute.

“The Physical Reality of Being Human”: Monica Dale Discusses Music and Dalcroze Eurhythmics
by Andrea Schuler, Summer@Eastman Program Coordinator
Instructor Monica Dale previews her new Dalcroze certification course and her work with student conductors in Summer@Eastman’s Choral Artistry institute.

Sound, Mind and Body: Alan Harris’ New Summer Cello Institute
by Andrea Schuler, Summer@Eastman Program Coordinator
The Eastman Cello Institute, a three-week intensive, helps players develop strong technique and a healthy approach to the cello.

Making Connections: Summer at Eastman High School and Middle School Programs
by Jennifer Watson and Shaya Greathouse, Eastman Community Music School
ECMS summer residential programs get rave reviews from students, year after year. Here’s why.

Training the Tenors (and Baritones, and Basses): Vocal Pedagogy at Eastman this Summer
by Andrea Schuler, Summer@Eastman Program Coordinator
An interview with Robert Swensen, Kathryn Cowdrick, and Michael Hanley, the creators of Schubert to Sondheim: Pedagogy for the Male Voice.

Josephine Gaeffke’s Musical Journeys
by Andrea Schuler, Summer@Eastman Program Coordinator
A profile of harpsichordist Josephine Gaeffke, who will present two programs during Summer@Eastman 2017 (Summer Baroque Ensemble and Beyond Performance Anxiety: A Workshop).

Crossing Borders: Summer@Eastman Launches a Unique French Language and Music Academy in Montréal
by Andrea Schuler, Summer@Eastman Program Coordinator
A preview of Summer@Eastman’s French Language and Music Academy, a new study abroad course created by Summer@Eastman Director Sylvie Beaudette.


An Eastman Summer by the Numbers
by Andrea Schuler, Summer@Eastman Program Coordinator
Our end-of-season wrapup: numerical highlights of Summer@Eastman 2016.

Food for “Improvisation-Hungry Musicians”: Johnandrew Slominski Talks About Classical Music on the Spot
by Andrea Schuler, Summer@Eastman Program Coordinator
Johnandrew Slominski, co-creator of this unique institute, tells us about his journey from improvising for fun to teaching 18th-century improvisation techniques.

“The Physical Reality of Being Human”: Monica Dale Discusses Music and Dalcroze Eurhythmics
by Andrea Schuler, Summer@Eastman Program Coordinator
An interview with instructor Monica Dale, who will teach Dalcroze Eurhythmics at two Summer@Eastman institutes this year.

Combining Forces: Ann Howard Jones Talks About Brahms’s Ein deutsches Requiem
A preview of this summer’s Advanced Choral Conducting institute and questions for visiting guest instructor Ann Howard Jones, by Summer@Eastman Program Coordinator Andrea Schuler.

Cafés, Croissants and Contemporary Music: An Eastman Summer in Paris
Andrea Schuler, Summer@Eastman Program Coordinator, talks with Professor Robert Hasegawa about his Summer institute, Theory and Analysis of Contemporary Music: Study Abroad in Paris.

“All Music Was Brand-New Once”: an interview with Peter Kolkay of Dark in the Song
by Andrea Schuler, Summer@Eastman Program Coordinator


Bringing Voices of the Past to the Present
Summer@Eastman director Sylvie Beaudette asked Michael Alan Anderson, Associate Professor of Musicology at the Eastman School of Music, a few questions about himself and his brand-new Summer institute: Singing Gregorian Chant and Renaissance Polyphony.

Gaelen McCormick’s Musical Journey from Tanglewood to Keuka
Summer intern Emily Helenbrook sat down with Eastman@Keuka director Gaelen McCormick.

Andrea Schuler joins the Summer team as new Program Coordinator!
Director Sylvie Beaudette introduces Andrea to the Eastman and Summer communities.

Meet the Summer@Eastman Team!
See who is behind the programming and operations of our summer programs.

Eastman@Keuka:  The Beginning
Summer@Eastman intern José Pedro Zenteno sat down with Howard Potter, the mind behind this exciting music camp for students in grades 6-9.

Interview with Organist Caroline Robinson
Summer@Eastman intern José Pedro Zenteno met with organ major Caroline Robinson, the coordinator for a unique new program for high school organists.

What’s “Haydn” in Sibley’s Special Collection
Summer@Eastman director Sylvie Beaudette met with librarian David Peter Coppen to look at very special editions and artifacts related to composer Joseph Haydn, in order to give you a taste of our graduate seminar “Joseph Haydn’s Legacy.”

Eastman Summer Trombone Institute Celebrates its 10 Years!
Mark Kellogg and Jim Martin share their thoughts and passion for this classic Eastman summer institute.

“Magic is All Around You!” an Interview with Petar Kodzas, our New Music Horizons Director
Guitarist Petar Kodzas just added another hat to his Eastman responsibilities.  He shares with us his enthusiasm about Music Horizons and the impact it has on serious high school musicians.

“Eastman Became my Dream School”:  Interview with Weijun Chen, Music Horizons Alumnus
Eastman alumnus and current SUMY Buffalo students shares his thought about Music Horizons’ influence on his musical journey.

“Optimism and Dedication”: an Interview with Kent Tritle
Even though he is busy conducting and administrating Musica Sacra, the Oratorio Society of New York, and the Cathedral of St. John the Divine, Kent Tritle finds time to enrich our summer students’ experience at the Advanced Choral Conducting institute.

Greetings From Burundi
Apollinaire Abonimana started a music school in his native Burundi and felt he needed more tools in Music Education to make it flourish.  He came to Eastman last summer and here’s what he said about his experience.

Nan Gullo Bassett’s Passion for Harps, Modern and Historical
A long-time instructor at Summer@Eastman, Nan Gullo talks about her involvement with the harp community and the Historical Harp Society.