Music Preservation for Musicians at Home – Online Workshop

WKS 434
Music Preservation for Musicians at Home – Online Workshop

This program has been cancelled for Summer 2021.

June 28-August 6, 2021 / Weekly synchronous classes to be scheduled with students

Alice Carli

Alice Carli, a conservator with thirty years’ experience binding, repairing and digitizing musical scores, will teach you how to preserve your beloved score collection and bind books or scores in your home, using either bookbinding tools or home equivalents. A combination of instructional videos and Zoom conferencing will give you demonstrations you can refer to over and over, plus one-on-one questions and answers about dealing with your particular collection and its issues. The price of the course will entitle you to full access to the videos, Zoom conferencing during the length of the course, and phone or video consultation when needed. The course will cover:

  • Conservation supplies (and substitutions from around the house)
  • Triage – common problems and what can be done at home
  • Page repair – erasing, repairing tears, strengthening corners and edges
  • Soaking and deacidification
  • Digitization and finding scans to print
  • Creating and guarding folios (i.e. making sheet music pamphlets)
  • Sewing pamphlets, making thicker books

For more information, contact Alice Carli at (585) 274-1375 or

$1790 / 1 credit     WKS 434-1
$399 / noncredit     WKS 434-2