Programs by Age: Collegiate


Advanced Conservation Independent Study

Art Songs by Women Composers: Repertoire and Historical Context

English Lyric Diction & Introduction to IPA

French Lyric Diction

La Canción Lírica: A Survey of Spanish Art Song Repertoire

Music Preservation Workshop for Librarians

Music Preservation for Musicians at Home – Online Workshop

Spanish Lyric Diction

Vocal Pedagogy for Choral Conductors & Voice Teachers


Alexander Technique + Moblignment™ for Musicians and Music Educators – Online Workshop

Alexander Technique for Musicians – Online Workshop

Eastman French Horn Online Workshop

Eastman Saxophone Online Workshop

Eastman Trombone Online Workshop

Eastman Trumpet Online Workshop

Virtual Summer Cello Workshop — a three-week program

You Are Your Instrument: Embodiment and Acting for Singers

Weekly Rehearsals

Music Educators Wind Ensemble

Music Education

Curriculum Seminar

Instrumental Methods and Techniques

Measurement and Evaluation

Summers-Only Master’s Degree in Music Education

Music History

Joseph Haydn’s Legacy

Music History in Review

Music in the Nineteenth Century

Music Leadership

Eastman Leadership Academy

Law and Music

Music Administration and Governance

Music Theory

Analyzing Contemporary Music

Phrase Rhythm and Form in Brahms Chamber Music

Survey of Analytical Techniques

Theory and Analysis of Rock Music

Theory, Analysis, Musicianship Review II

Topics in Tonal Literature and Analysis

Individual Lessons

Applied Music (Collegiate)

Composition Classes & Lessons (Collegiate)

Special Registration for Graduate Students

General Information: Collegiate Courses & Graduate Studies

Special Registration for Graduate Students